My experience with Triad has always been positive. They stay with the problem until they find the solution. The response time is excellent. I can ask all kinds of questions and they take the time to consider them and answer. Triad Service Company has proven to be a company to rely upon.

Sharon Groves

I was referred to Triad by a friend of mine in the industry out of town and he suggested I call Triad first. I can definitely see why. They did great work installing a new system for us in a very tight spot and since we have called them for all of our maintenance on our existing system. They really seems to have the customer's best interest in mind and have always quoted me great rates on work. All local and all are very considerate. I have gladly recommended them multiple times.

Cole Gallaway

I have known the owners, Tim and Rhonda, for many years. I refer Tim to my home buyer and seller clients and have always had good reports come back. Tim has worked on my personal properties as well. I have always been confident with his new unit installations and felt he was fair and honest with his advice for service and repairs on existing units. As the company has grown, I have been pleased that his service people have been as reliable as he was when I worked with him directly. I can easily recommend 5is company for HVAC services.

Darryl Baskin

I own a local BBQ restaurant and have used Triad Service for years to maintain all of my refrigeration equipment. These guys are always prompt and always do a great job. Couldn't ask for better service or quality of work!

Keith Jimerson

Fantastic team of people who follow through, have reasonable prices (normally below others), and quick response times. I prefer using Triad because their employees care. They are not a one price/box fits all, but tailor to individual needs. You can't go wrong with Triad Services!

Jill Merrell

I had them replace all the ducting and installed their top rated heat and air unit. They made sure that I received all promotional rebates. This saved me a lot of money. The unit is so quiet at times you wonder if it's on. The only complaint I would have is that it didn't come with what I call a smart thermostat. Employees are courteous and know their stuff.

Jim House

Excellent service! Had a neighbor recommend Triad a couple of years ago when my original A/C installer went out of business. During a routine A/C checkup last April, tech found the capacitor was weak. Unit was less than 10 years old and I had an extended warranty with Carrier. Although Triad had not installed my unit and is a Lennox dealer, they went to the extra trouble of contacting Carrier and replacing the capacitor replaced under manufacturer's warranty.

Alvin Hong

Triad put in my Lennox system. It has been fantastic. His bid was good and work was timely. Would definitely work with again. He is certified Lennox dealer with goof men.

Kelly Carter

The guys are great come when they are needed and do a professional job.
Hamilton Auto Repair Inc.

Hamilton Auto Repair Inc

They came out right away, same day when I needed it. They are always so nice and always give the best pricing and taking care of their customers.

Allison Stephens

I use Triad for all my home and my rental property HVAC repairs. There's always a quick response and their techs are professionals. For me personally, they've done complete new installs, replacements, moved A/C units to new locations, chased down faulty sensors and relays, replaced circuit boards and simple things like cleaning a heat exchange or topping off coolant. I can trust them for honest advice on when to replace vs. fix something. I highly recommend them to all my friends for both residential and commercial work. I can fix most everything in my house, but when it comes to HVAC, if it's not something super obvious, I just call Triad.

Kerry Joyce